What you can do…

Women 7

… there are many ways in which you can contribute to the work of The Women’s Circle and the various Learning Circles in the different townships. In general, you can connect with women from anywhere in the world. The work we are doing is important in any parts of this world. Replicate women’s circle where needed and start engaging yourself!

You can also link the existing Learning Circles with other networks or offer to lead topics of discussions and acitivities. Your help is needed at every level, maybe you can assist with the co-ordination of circle logistics or provide an environment that encourages each member to particpate as desired.

If you want to become a member of a Learning Circle yourself, read about our existing circles and contact the circle nearest to where you live! Everybody is most welcome to join us and to participate in our events and activities.

Donate now!

If you can not get involved with The Women’s Circle directly but you feel you want to contribute, we welcome any donations. Money is always needed to support for example transport of circle members to be able to engage in activities of affiliated organizations. Working material and activities such as the Women’s Day or 16 Days of Activism also need your financial support. Our bank details are as follows:

Account Name: The Women’s Circle
Account Number: 1048-082-822
Bankers: Nedbank
Branch: Rondebosch
Branch Code: 104809