Rising to the Challenge

The Women’s Circle aims to develop coordinated programmes of action aimed at increasing the ability of women to participate effectively in society by:

  • Building on the vision enshrined in our constitution
  • Creating an enabling environment within which we as women can empower ourselves and our communities

This support of women, for women and by women has a central role to play in alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable development.

The Women’s Circle’s exchanges and programmes are stepping-stones on a path to knowledge, discovery and action:

  • Collaboration, sharing experiences and learning from one another
  • Learn, grow and take concrete steps to enhance women’s lives and become the women we want to be
  • Uncover new perspectives that have relevance in women’s lives
  • Develop strong ties with other women and share in each other’s successes and challenges
  • Listen to the experiences of others and be heard with respect and compassion
  • Reflect on circumstances of women’s lives
  • Enjoy the opportunity to escape to a replenishing space

Use tools provided by circle programmes to create and recognise possibilities, ignite positive movement and generate desired results in women’s lives.