The Women’s Month Event: Raising Awareness on Health

As one of the events organized by The Women’s Circle, the Women’s Month has been successfully hosted during the month of August since 2006. It provides women with a platform to lobby and advocate for change on the challenges women are facing.

Picture 2_Women's DayIn 2013, the event of the Women’s Day during that time was hosted on the 26th of August at the Civic Centre in Voorbrug Delft. The theme of the 2013 Women’s Month Event was health. Under the slogan of The Women’s Circle SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT! TAKE ACTION!, the Learning Circles were to raise awareness on health problems within the participating communities. The Learning Circles therefore constructed a Problem Tree to visualize the analysis of health problems. This was done through an examination of the root causes of health problems, followed by the consideration of the impact on the community. Last, possible action that can be taken to address these problems were identified. The Women’s Month event in the form of the Women’s Day was a direct action that was proposed by circle members to educate the broader community on a range of health issues.

Health education was pPicture 3_Women's Dayrovided by organizations such as CANSA, Rape Crisis, Wellness Foundation, The Chaeli Campaign, Epilepsy SA (Cape Town), The Metro Health Forums, SWEAT, The City of Cape Town and the Western Nurse College. TB/HIV CARE ASSOCIATION was there to provide testing to participating people. Moreover, the event provided an opportunity to promote The Right to Health, using pamphlets, which were developed in cooperation with The Learning Network. We are glad to report that the event was well attended: 347people came and took advantage of the offered information and services. The event increased the ability of women from communities to voice their concerns on violations of The Right to Health and highlight the underlying conditions that prevent women from accessing services that will improve the living conditions needed for good health.